We are a CATTERY of Excellence and Distinction with TICA and CFA.

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Kitty Breeders Home is located in USA, serving Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland, the East Coast… and the entire country! We will drive to meet you if you cannot make it to our cattery! As well as offering of Ragdoll kitten for sale hand delivery abroad and in the America’s.

Kitty Breeders Home began this amazing journey in 2009, when newly single mother, Grace Palmton, was looking for an unusual companion for her autistic one year old daughter, Bella.

This new family member would need to be easy maintenance (as Grace had to work full-time), affectionate (to pull Tory out of her shell), fluffy (as this would stimulate Tory’s neurons), playful (to stimulate movement in Bella), never aggressive (as Tory could play inappropriately at times), hypo-allergenic and clean (as Bella suffered from asthma and allergies and used an inhaler), and be able to happily live out its life indoors.

This was not an easy task, and while researching every pet imaginable, Grace stumbled upon a relatively new breed (started in California in the 1965’s) of cat known as the RAGDOLL. It was known for its large size, loving and perfect temperament, long non-matting coats, serene dispositions, striking appearance, beautiful blue eyes, and the tendency to relax and feel free in a person’s arms like a ragdoll.

Working Process

We have worked very hard and developed quite a following for offering healthy ragdolls with great personalities and show quality good looks. Our Ragdolls kittens for sale have won international championships and titles all over the world.

All of our Ragdoll cats and kittens come from Champion-bred lines and we have spent a great deal of money securing the healthiest of cats with the best personalities and colors and patterns in order to breed only the best. All of our breeding cats are put through genetic testing for HCM, blood typing PKD, color and then typing. Our wonderful vet tests that every Angel is FIV and FeLV free.

And we have put a great deal of information trying to provide as much Ragdoll info as anyone might want on our different web pages. We provide references and what you will need to have on hand for a new Ragdoll kitty. We provide the Ragdoll history and give advice on welcoming a new pet into your home. Please check out some of Ragdoll kitten for sale on our pages.

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I’ve been married for 20 years, and my family consists of three grown children and 8 grand kids. Two of my children reside in Richland, WA, while one works as a producer in Montana. God has blessed our life, and I am glad for the opportunity to spend time with each of them. I am very proud of each and every one of them.

Ragdoll kitten

We believe that our Ragdoll kitten should get the best of everything, nothing less would suffice here at
Kitty Breeders Home ​ –
— Sleepy time with soft cuddle beds
— Playtime with a large variety and animals of toys to challenge the mind
— Exceptional and veterinary care
— Carefully selected foods, vitamins, and treats
— Intensive routine grooming and more schedule including tooth brushing
— All the love any Pom could want
— Loving home environment

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